VITO VL frying oil filter


VITO cleans the frying oil and offers an easy and hygienic filtration in the kitchen. The device is equipped with VITOconnect, which enables seamless cost control, data logging and analysis. The large control panel and the simple dishwasher cleaning of all mechanical parts maximize user-friendliness. 

All benefits at a glance:
– Save up to 50% of your frying oil
– Improve the quality of your fried food
– Less workload around the deep fryer

Clean your oil with a VITO oil filter and become one of over 50,000 satisfied VITO customers

VITO is proven and awarded by many instances



Configuration - Filtration & Report - Analysis

Connect VITO to your local Wi-Fi. It will send usage data into a web-based cloud, where you can remotely access detailed information about VITO usage from your smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere at anytime. The software enables to document time stamps of the filtration cycles, generate custom usage reports, set target filtration cycle goals, and create custom alerts if filtration cycle target was not met. 

Go to to register your device. Further information on the VITO handling page.

VITO Usage

Dirty fryer before the filtration

Used deep-frying oil before cleaning with
the VITO deep-frying oil filter

Place the VITO VL in the deep fryer and press start. After 4,5 minutes it stops automatically.

clean fryer and oil after filtration

Clean cooking oil ensures best quality of your fried food and saves you money

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